Motorcycle Tent: Everything You Should Know

Motorcycle Tent

Do you love exploring and camping with motorcycles outdoors? In this case, a motorcycle tent is an essential gear. It will keep you warm throughout a camping trip and work as a safeguard for the motorcycle. Even when using a pavilion, there is no need to think of an expensive hotel to shelter the vehicle.

Tents are small and safe shelters for motorcycles that protect bikes more effectively than traditional tents. Many quality tents are available to keep the bike safe against weather conditions. Even when an owner lacks a garage, the way to keep the bike protected and clean is to use a tent.

If people have yet to use a bike tent, they should consider it now. Anyway, this article will tell bikers the details. Hopefully, all bike owners will see a lot about it.

Motorcycle Tent: What Is It And How It Works?

Tents are a shelter for a motorcycle that keeps it enclosed in a safe place overnight and protects it from the elements like rain or sunlight. Tents are functional enough that a rider feels safe along with his motorcycle. The bike pavilion can also warm the bike owner when camping on a long trip. 

No matter the weather outside, a quality pavilion can always keep the bike comfortable in wet or dry conditions. Moreover, quality tents are light in weight, so people can take one with them on any trip and can set up a shelter anywhere. 

Even if there is work to be done on the bike, a convenient place can be inside the pavilion where none can disturb you and no animals can attack them. However, one must know about its portability, durability, and price to get the desired benefits from a pavilion.

Unlike traditional tents, many alternatives in the market come with portability and affordable prices. Moreover, they are pretty durable. To avoid long-term reinvestment, read the research and choose one.

How To Setup A Motorcycle Tent: Step-By-Step Instructions

Many people need clarification about how to build or set up a motorcycle pavilion. There is a strategic yet straightforward way to do this. Also, when one buys a pavilion, a manual is attached to it. However, below are a few steps that represent the pavilion setup procedure.

Step 1: Take The Tent Out Of The Bag

Since the pavilion is stored in the bag on the side of the bike, it must first be taken out for installation. A pavilion comes with several accessories that are brought out one by one. 

But make sure that all the accessories are taken out. Otherwise, you may face difficulty in the pavilion setup. After taking it out, place it on the ground where it will be placed.

Step 2: Place Some Pegs

Of course, every tent has pegs that help attach it to the ground. Instructions will likely include how many pegs to place initially. Accordingly, attach certain parts of the pavilion to the base using pegs. But when driving, the pegs go as deep as possible so that it does not move; otherwise, it may come up.

Step 3: Assemble The Poles

Now it’s time to assemble the poles. Usually, three poles are used in a pavilion. However, in some cases, less may be more. Since the poles are folded into the bag, each part will be needed when assembling them. 

After assembling the Poles, they will look like long sticks. But make sure that each pole is of the same height and length. Also, ensure that they are not damaged in any way during transportation.

Step 4: Insert Into Pole Sleeve

When the poles are successfully assembled, insert them into the correct sleeves. But insert only one pole in a sleeve. Insert them in such a way that they cover the entire length of the sleeve but still have a little extra. 

Insert the three poles into the sleeve one by one. Then go to the other side of each pole, bend it, and insert it into the pin.

Step 5: Pull The Tent Up

After completing each pole setup, the pavilion is ready for final installation. Now pull it from the opposite side and straighten it to get a shape. You may have noticed that there are a few more pegs left. 

Now bury them in the ground through the straps, but it should be as deep as possible. Also, place some additional pegs further away to keep the pavilion taut with a few ropes. Then clip all the poles. The pavilion is ready to use.

Reasons Why Motorcycle Tent Is Necessary:

Motorcycle tents have special requirements. One can also consider these as benefits. However, as a rider or bike owner, you won’t want to avoid it anymore after learning more about why people should use a pavilion.

SecurityIt is used for storing the bike on any trip where it stays safe for a long time.
No TheftAn excellent way to avoid thieves in an unfamiliar place. Thieves may need to realize that there is a valuable item inside.
Adaptable To Weather ConditionsProtects the bike from being damaged by exposure to moisture and excessive sunlight.
Keep It CleanBy keeping the bike in a pavilion; people can keep it away from a lot of outdoor dirt and debris.
Prevent DamageSheds provide added security and are strong enough to prevent injuries and shocks.
Avoid Costly HotelsThere’s no need to go to an expensive hotel (2) for protection when a shed is with you.

5 Best Motorcycle Tents At Affordable Prices:

The best league for bike camping usually depends on the user’s preference. One should know about some of the top bike pavilions based on affordability to meet the budget.

For those looking for a quality waterproof leaguer in an affordable option, VEVOR Motorcycle Shelter can be the best. Manufacturers design it to protect the bike from water and other weather elements.It has windows to facilitate airflow, which regulates the internal heat. Fits perfectly with a vast space that can accommodate both a person and a bike.

ShelterLogic 6′ x 6′ Shed is far from a costly option (1). This pavilion provides almost as much shelter to bikes as a home. People use it to protect not only bikes but also other valuable items. It has a quality powder-coated finish that works against harmful elements. A durable triple with gray color that is waterproof and fades resistant.

VEVOR Motorcycle Camping Tent offers excellent features and benefits at an affordable price that makes bikers forget about going for expensive options. Its outstanding design provides maximum comfort for 2/3 of persons with a bike shelter. Simple setup system. Undoubtedly a durable solution for bike adventure that resists the weather elements. 

Kelty Sunshade Shade Tent is a functional pavilion alternative for easy setup at an affordable price. It is pretty lightweight and one of the easiest to install shelters. The main advantage of this product is that it can be placed anywhere, and a few people can sit and rest on the bike.

The latest budget-friendly option is 1 DBT531-GY Bike Touring Tent which is undoubtedly good in terms of quality. Those who don’t need special features and want them on a small budget can choose this product. It is straightforward to carry with the roll bag on the side of the bike. Suitable for small storage.

Related Questions:

Is A Motorcycle Tent Worth It?

Undoubtedly, investing in a motorcycle tent is worth the price as it offers more significant benefits. A tent should not be considered when one wants to camp on the road while outdoor riding and wants to protect the bike. Also, moving the bike to a safe place can be difficult when lousy weather suddenly develops during riding. 

When a biker has a pavilion stored in his roll bag, the individual doesn’t have to look for a suitable place. A tent can be pitched anywhere to protect a bike and the rider from rough weather. Also, your investment in a pavilion can save you the cost of an expensive hotel stay. It is worth it, as it keeps the bike away from almost all kinds of problems.

Can You Carry A Motorcycle Tent On A Motorcycle?

The roll bag on the side of a motorcycle makes it easy to carry a tent. Riders don’t have to worry about maintaining the tent no matter how far they go. Roll bags are used to carry other unfit items. Fold your pavilion correctly and place it inside the bag. The pavilion and other things in a bag will always be dry and protected. 

Even when riding hard, the pavilion won’t fall off. This roll bag has a large capacity, so you can easily carry whatever pavilion you want. The pavilion should be easy to carry; otherwise, the trip may be interrupted as they will be busy carrying it. So the pavilion must be easy for comfortable and hassle-free travel.

Should You Cover Your Motorcycle With A Tent At Night?

Covering the owner’s motorcycle with a tent at night is a good idea. The bike demands a safe place at night during a long trip. In this case, tents can provide the best shelter. Hence, tents are considered the best option because night fog can harm the bike, so it’s a good idea to keep it covered overnight. Also, staying in a hotel with a bike can be pretty expensive, and there may be hotels close enough. 

Besides, a bike in a space is also a catch for thieves. Wrapping it in a gray or black material to avoid their gaze would surely keep it safe from all eyes. Also, if the owner has enmity with someone, he may want the bike damaged and choose the nighttime. When the motorcycle is sheltered in the pavilion, it is free from immediate damage.

Do Motorcycle Tents Come In Lightweight Versions?

Good quality motorcycle tents come with a relatively lightweight. But this feature should be considered as not all models are lightweight. Weight is essential in choosing a tent; an ideal pavilion should weigh no more than 2.5kg. The lighter it is, the easier it is to carry. However, lightweight tents are expensive, meaning the higher the price, people go as they look for lighter options. 

Be sure to take the time to research if you want to adjust the price and weight. There is no need to despair as there are products available in the market that are pretty comfortable (3) growing up. Exceptionally lightweight with even high performance. It can also meet your budget. But for ease of use, one must go for the light option.

How Can You Find The Best Waterproof Motorcycle Tent?

There are some general rules to follow when finding a waterproof tent. In this case, it is crucial to measure the waterproof rating of the tent. Its Waterhead rating of 1500 to 3000 is considered good value. Also, the floor should be a 6000mm+ rating. Moreover, tents made of polyethylene or PVC are also considered to be the best waterproof. 

Options with the specified rating will protect you and your bike from all but the worst wet conditions. The minimum rating level should be at most 1000, and 10000 can be considered the best. Note that the higher the rating, the better it resists water. However, these factors must be considered before purchase, as spending on waterproof options can be a good investment.

Final Touch: 

Keeping yourself and your bike safe while on a trip can be difficult if you lack a motorcycle tent. This article gives one enough idea about a motorcycle camping tent and its benefits. 

When it comes to trips, people are still determining where they want to stop, if there are any dangers, or if the weather will be favorable. A pavilion will undoubtedly help a biker to adapt to all situations. Since a bike is quite valuable, riders will quickly make this small investment in it.


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