TCMT 6X9 Saddlebag Speaker Lids Review

TCMT 6X9 Saddlebag Speaker Lids Review

TCMT is one of the best motorcycle manufacturer companies in the world that brings saddlebag speaker lids for your motorcycle. TCMT brand deals in motorcycle accessories besides audio products all over the world. With the motto of producing the best quality products, TCMT started its journey in 1995. 

While producing the best quality products, TCMT introduces good quality brand new saddlebag speaker lids for your motorcycle. This product comes with a 6×9 dual speaker and dual lids to give you the best quality audio product experience.

In this article, I’m going to review ins and outs of TCMT saddlebag speaker lids after running a study. By reading this product review, you will know about TCMT brand speaker lids. You will also get to know the advantages and disadvantages of this product to decide whether this product is suitable for you.  Here we go! 

TCMT Saddlebag Speaker Lids: A General Overview

Being a bike and music enthusiast, you might be intending to purchase a Bluetooth or motorcycle speaker. But while riding a motorcycle, the best way to go is with the speaker. TCMT saddlebag speaker lids bring you this exciting upgraded speaker to provide you with good quality sound to enjoy music.

According to the manufacturer, this product is made up of cone paper material which uses fiberglass material to make the speaker components strong and durable. This speaker is capable of providing 60 to 120 watts output with 93dB sensitivity. 

This Saddlebag speaker is a highly upgraded product that comes with a variety of features to make your music experience enjoyable on a motorcycle. This TCMT speaker being a quality product ensures it’s better than any other brand product in the market. While being a durable speaker, this speaker has excellent sound quality.  

TCMT saddlebag speaker lids are designed for the 1994-2013 models of Harley Touring Electra glide roads. Being a high-quality product, this product is extremely durable. The upside of saddlebag speaker lids is you can use this speaker as a radio or music player. 

Technical Specifications Of TCMT 6×9 Saddlebag Speaker Lids: 

While choosing the best speaker for your saddlebag, firstly you need to look for the specifications of the product. Here is a list of specifications below in the table for you. 

Specifications Parameters 
Speaker’s Frequency Range40Hz-22KHz
Sensitivity 93dB 
Package6×9 Inch Dual Speaker Lids 
Speaker’s Output 60-120 Watts
V.C Diameter 25 mm
Speaker’s ColorVivid Black
Magnet’s Weight 19.50z

Features Of TCMT 6×9 Saddlebag Speaker Lids:

Before deciding to purchase a product, the foremost thing that you look up is the product’s features, right? Product features offer you benefits that appeal to the consumers to purchase the product. Here are the features of the TCMT 6×9 Saddlebag Speaker Lids.  Let’s take a quick look! 

  • Dual Speakers: This saddlebag speaker comes with two speakers to provide you with quality stereo sound while producing perfect sound in between two speakers. Having dual speakers increases the sound quality 2 times more. 
  • Dual Speaker Lids: This TCMT saddlebag speaker has two lids that provide the finest fitting and a smooth surface for your TCMT saddlebag speaker. 

Being 100 percent waterproofed, this dual speaker lid provides longevity while protecting your motorcycle saddlebag speaker lids from moisture and water. 

  • ABS Plastic Mesh Covers: This speaker comes with ABS plastic mesh covers that are durable. Lids are made up of ABS plastic to facilitate the speaker’s fitting and surface smoothness. 

While being a heat and chemical resistant material, ABS plastic protects your saddlebag speaker lids against deoxidation rather it provides solid surface and lifetime durability. 

  • Cone Paper Material: Speaker produces sound using the vibration of your speaker’s cone. While cone paper material is affordable, it’s also light in weight that helps to use the motions of the coil.  There are two types of paper cones found – pressed and no pressed. 

Pressed cones provide a wide surface area so that they can offer air to execute louder sounds. On the contrary, unpressed cones have high sensitivity to be power efficient.  

Pros And Cons Of TCMT 6×9 Saddlebag Speaker Lids:

Before purchasing saddlebag speaker lids for your Harley Touring Electra Street Glide, you need to know the upsides and downsides of this product. Here are some pros and cons below. Let’s have a look!


  • Brand New Product
  • Top Quality Speaker
  • Precise Fitting 
  • Smooth Surface
  • Fair Deal
  • Easy To Install
  • No Need to Repaint Speaker Lids


  • Need to purchase longer screws 
  • Short Gasket

Maintenance Tips For TCMT Saddlebag Speaker Lids:

Good quality products always offer an edge to the consumers with their durability and sustainability but things are meant to decline over time. But if you want the products to be more durable, it’s worth maintaining your saddlebag speaker. Here are a few quick tips to follow. Let’s look at a glance! 

  • You often need to clean your saddlebag speaker lids and you shouldn’t use cleaners to clean your speaker as the liquid substance can reach the amplifier to damage your speaker. 
  • After buying the product, you need to give the speaker a burnout test like playing the speaker for the first 24 hours at a stretch before using the speaker. 

If there are any manufacturing issues with the saddlebag speaker, it will show up after this test to facilitate maintaining your saddlebag speaker. 

  • Direct sun rays can affect your speaker’s voice coils. With the proper thermal design, the speaker can block the sun this saddlebag speaker is capable of. You need to install the speaker properly to make this speaker long-lasting. 

Where Can You Find TCMT 6×9 Saddlebag Speaker Lids?

TCMT is a popular brand in the USA. You can find TCMT 6×9 inch saddlebag speaker lids in the wholesale electronic shops in the USA or you can buy this product from amazon at a reasonably cheap price. 

As there is no information included about the warranty policy, you can directly contact sellers to be sure if this product has a warranty or not. 

What To Consider While Purchasing A Saddlebag Speaker Lids?

There are three things that you should consider before purchasing a saddlebag speaker for your motorcycle. 

  • Speaker’s Watt: While purchasing a saddlebag speaker for Harley touring Electra street glide, firstly you need to check the speaker’s watts. If your speaker doesn’t have good volume, you cannot listen to quality sound. 
  • Compatibility: Secondly, you must check the speaker whether it is compatible with your motorcycle or not. Most speakers come with after-market components and they cannot guarantee to fit your speaker. 
  • Amplifier: The amplifier helps improve your speaker’s signal to make it more effective. But Speakers don’t always come with an amplifier. So, you need to purchase an amplifier as well if this speaker doesn’t come with a speaker. 

Final Verdict:

I hope this product review helps you know about the upside and downside of TCMT 6×9 saddlebag speaker lids while I have stated some factors that need to be considered while purchasing this product. 

If you have further queries, you can leave your question below. I’ll get to it real soon. To read more product reviews on motorcycle speakers, stay tuned to this site

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