What Can You Use To Clean Your Motorcycle Chain?

What Can You Use To Clean Your Motorcycle Chain

As a new rider, you are probably not sure what you can use to clean your motorcycle chain. Don’t worry, mate. I am here to provide you with the proper guideline from my experiences. 

Using a few things, anyone can easily clean a motorcycle chain at home in a short period. Things like motorcycle chain cleaner, kerosene, petrol can be effective to clean appropriately. Hursh engine degreaser, gasoline, stove’s fuel should be avoided for cleaning any type of motorcycle chain.

Today, I will briefly discuss those things that you can use to clean your motorcycle chain and other points related to this topic. I also share with you one of the easiest but effective methods that I personally followed for cleaning my motorcycle chain.

So, consider reading this article carefully from top to bottom. Let’s start the discussion step by step:

What Are The Good And Bad Products For Cleaning Your Motorcycle Chain?

For cleaning your motorcycle chain, you should use such products which are effective in removing the roads’ grime or dirt and break away the grease. At the same time, the products need to be polite and won’t dissipate the seals.

Here I will list some products that you can comfortably use to clean your motorcycle chain, along with those products that you should need to avoid.

Products You Can Comfortably Use For Cleaning Your Motorcycle Chain:

  • Motorcycle Chain Cleaner.
  • Kerosene.
  • Petrol.

Products You Should Avoid For Cleaning Your Motorcycle Chain:

  • WD-40 Multi-Purpose.
  • Industrial Hursh Degreaser.
  • Engine Degreaser.
  • Gasoline.
  • Fuel Of Camp Stove.

What Do You Require To Clean Your Motorcycle  Chain?

By using a few pieces of equipment, you can easily wash your motorcycle chain at home. These are:

  • Chain Cleaner/ Kerosene.
  • A Piece Of Cardboard.
  • Specific Chain Cleaning Brush/ Old ToothBrush.
  • A Piece Of Clean Cloth Or Rags/ A hose.
  • A Small Knife.
  • A Bucket Or Bowl Of Clean Water.

How To Clean Your Motorcycle  Chain (7 Simple Steps) 

You can clean your motorcycle chain in various methods. Here I tell you the easiest method of cleaning a motorcycle chain:

1. Check Your Drivetrain Before Starting Cleaning:

It is wise to check the drivetrain of motorcycles first before starting the chain washing procedures. You should carefully inspect the chain and sprockets. It is time to replace your sprockets If you notice that the teeth of it turn to one side and become edgy.

You need to change your chain, too, if you find any damages, rust, or kinks to the plates or rollers. I recommend you change the whole drivetrain unit in that case.

2. Posit Your Motorcycle Properly:

The motorcycle chain cleaning procedures start from this step. Find a wide space, your motorcycles’ double stands, and then use the double stands of your motorcycles to keep it standing properly. It is ideal to clean the chain of your motorcycle after a ride because the warmth of its engine will loosen up the grime and gunk that has cling to the chain. 

3. Soak With A Chain Cleaner Or Kerosene:

It is time to soak the whole motorcycle chain with a cleaner. Use a good quality trusty chain cleaner to remove the dirt. Instead of chain cleaner, you can also use kerosene for soaking.

You need to place a piece of cardboard under the lower part of your motorcycle chain. To cover every aspect of the chain, you need to rotate your motorcycle’s chain. As chain cleaner and kerosene both work equally well, so you have the option to choose any of them for cleaning your motorcycle chain.

4. Scour Your Motorcycle’s Sprockets And Chain:

In this step, you need to work with a brush to gently scour the sprockets and chain of your motorcycle. You can use a specific chain cleaning brush or an old toothbrush to complete the scour. 

Take your time to properly scour the motorcycle’s sprockets and chain. Ensure that you will bathe under the sprocket teeth gap and the chain rollers.

5. Swab Down Your Motorcycle’s Sprockets And Chain:

In this step, you need to douse a clean rag in some corrosive and then swab down your motorcycle’s sprockets and chain. During swabbing down, you can also use a little knife to remove stubborn dirt. It will be better if you clean your motorcycle chain by removing the front sprocket cover.

6. Rinse Off Your Motorcycle Chain:

A hose will be very effective to fulfill this step. But you can still do it without a hose. For that, you need to scour the chain with damp rags or pour water over it. Make sure you pour water inside the chain properly.

7. Dry Off And Lube Your Motorcycle Chain:

With the help of a clean piece of cloth, you can dry off your motorcycle chain. I suggest you wait at least 10 minutes for the lube. You can click here to watch how to lube a motorcycle chain. After that, rub out the extra lube, and now finally, you’ve completed the cleaning of your motorcycle chain.   

By following these 7 simple steps, you can easily clean your motorcycle chain. Click this link to watch the entire cleaning process of a motorcycle chain.

How Much Does It Cost To Clean a Motorcycle Chain? 

By following our guidelines, you can easily wash your motorcycle chain in your home. For doing that, you need to purchase a chain cleaner/ kerosene, chain lube, and brush. You need to cost around $30-$35 for buying all of these products.

How Often Should A Motorcycle Chain Be Cleaned? 

Though there is no hard and fast time to clean your motorcycle chain, after a few long rides, you can clean your motorcycle chain. If you ask me about the miles, I suggest you clean your motorcycle after a 600miles ride.

You should check your motorcycle chain on a regular basis. I would say check it after every ride. If you find anything dry or nasty, clean your motorcycle chain immediately for more prolonged use.

Can You Use WD-40 To Clean Motorcycle Chain? 

Well, many of you don’t know what WD-40 is and how it works. For them, I want to clear it first that the word WD stands for Water Displacement and works on diffusing the water away from the metal parts to restrain rust

According to my experience, I advise you to avoid Multi-Purpose WD-40 to clean your motorcycle chain. You can’t use them for lubricants. It can damage the lifespan of your motorcycle chain.

Can You Use Brake Cleaner To Clean Your Motorcycle Chain? 

I don’t see any problems if you use a brake cleaner to clean your motorcycle chain. By using a brake cleaner, you also get the expected result. 

Is It OK To Clean Your Motorcycle Chain With Kerosene? 

If you think motorcycle chain cleaner is costly for you, you can get along with the kerosene. In my findings, kerosene also works effectively and equally good to clean your motorcycle chain. 

Kerosene is also cheaper than the motorcycle chain cleaner as well as. So, it is ok to clean your motorcycle chain with kerosene instead of a cleaner. It’s all up to you.

What Is The Best Motorcycle Chain Cleaner? 

Nowadays, different types of motorcycle chain cleaners are available in the market. Hence, you can easily choose any of the chain cleaners according to your budget. 

For giving you a basic idea about the price range of a motorcycle chain cleaner, below I make a table with the name and price of the 3 best motorcycle chain cleaners: 

Serial NumberName Of Motorcycle Chain Cleaner Ounce-CanPrice
1.Motul Chain Cleaner.9.8$10.41
2.Muc-Off Biodegradable Chain Cleaner.16.9$16.49
3.Maxima Clean Up Chain Cleaner.17.1$9.95

Last Few Words:

I am sure you understand what you can use to clean your motorcycle chain by reading this article. I always encourage you to clean it on a regular basis. I also discuss some simple motorcycle chain cleaning steps and other points related to this topic.

What things do you often used to clean your motorcycle chain and how do you do that? Let me know in the comment box below. Don’t forget to ask any question related to this article. I will try to give the best possible answer to your question as early as possible.

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