What Happens If You Don’t Have Motorcycle Insurance?

What Happens If You Don’t Have Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycles are more accident-prone than other motor vehicles, right? Accidents don’t happen by giving prior notices; that’s why motorcycle insurance has been compulsory into the policy. But, what happens if you don’t have motorcycle insurance?

Almost in every state, riding a motorcycle without insurance is illegal and a punishable offense. Suppose, someone has been caught on the roads when riding a motorcycle without having insurance documents. In that case, they will undoubtedly face heftily fined, arrested, or other punishments.

There are no other alternatives but to have motorcycle insurance for a rider. You must purchase insurance for your motorcycle before riding it on the road. Because the consequences are too dire if you are caught by the police without proper insurance. 

Riding a motorcycle without insurance is completely illegal. And the consequences of don’t having motorcycle insurance are not good at all. In this article, I will discuss such things that are related to the topic. So, please consider reading the entire article. 

5 Major Consequences That Happens If You Don’t Have Motorcycle Insurance:

Here I point out some of the 5 major consequences that happen if you don’t have motorcycle insurance:

1. You Will Be Charged A Hefty Fine:

It is the most common punishment for a motorcycle rider who got caught on the roads without insurance. The amount of fine also depends on how many times police have caught the riders for the same irregularities. The fine varies from state to state laws. But I can confirm that most of the state charged a hefty fine to those rides who don’t have motorcycle insurance.

You can be fined between $100-$5,000 ranges for riding on the roads or highways without having motorcycle insurance. This amount is much higher than a full-year motorcycle insurance premium. Now, this is, however, your own decision whether to purchase motorcycle insurance or to pay a heavy fine for not having that copy! 

2. You Will Be Arrest Under The Laws:

Don’t be astonished by reading this! Surely, you will be arrested under the laws if you ride a motorcycle without proper insurance. Police will send you to the jail, and you may experience your first court appearances.

Different states have different laws for those who are arrested while riding without motorcycle insurance. Court will give you the proper punishment for this guilt. They may send you to jail for 1-6 months for riding your motorcycle without appropriate insurance.

3. You Need To Pay Full Damage Cost: 

With no motorcycle insurance, you need to take responsibility for the damage and pay the total amount of it. This means; if your motorcycle heats anyone’s vehicle, you need to give every penny from your pocket to repair it. 

Unfortunately, if the accident causes any human injuries, then you have to pay all the medical costs. Suppose, you’ve no sufficient money to bear the damage cost; in this case, the court will use your savings or other larger assets to pay compensation.

So, to be honest, it’s not possible to bear all the damage cost by a single person without receiving any notice. But if you have any motorcycle insurance, you don’t need to be much worried about the accidents; because the insurer will help you with financial support during that unexpected situation.

4. Your Motorcycle Will Be Confiscated:

Suppose, police identify your motorcycle without insurance on the roads or highways; In that case, they have the legal authority to confiscate your motorcycle. In this perspective, you’ve to pay heavy fines and face lengthy legal procedures to get your motorcycle back. Any types of motorcycle insurance can protect your motorcycle from being confiscated.

5. Your License Will Be Suspended:

Police officers can suspend your license temporarily for riding a motorcycle on the roads without insurance. The suspension periods depend on your state’s laws. In some states, you may get banned for a month from riding a motorcycle on the roads. Nevertheless, you have to pay a huge fine to make your motorcycle license active again.  

Police may add a demerit point on your driving license, too, for riding a motorcycle without insurance. As a result, they will count you as a law-breaker motorcycle rider. It is also socially despicable for you.

These 5 are the major consequences you must face when you are caught by the police without motorcycle insurance. I highly recommend you all to purchase a suitable insurance premium for your motorcycle.

Is Motorcycle Insurance Cost Too Much In 2022? (All 50 States Data)

NHTSA’s report found that motorcyclists are in danger of becoming injured five times more than others while riding on the roads. For that reason, proper motorcycle insurance is required for every on-road motorcycle. 

Washington, Florida, and Montana are the only three states where motorcycle insurance is optional and mandatory for the rest 47 states. Nowadays, there are different types of motorcycle insurance available, and the cost of motorcycle insurance premiums is different in every state. 

Some of you may think to purchase a motorcycle insurance premium is just a waste of money. I say this type of thinking is wasteful for your brain. You don’t need to invest an enormous amount of cash in motorcycle insurance.

According to our deep research, the average yearly premium cost of motorcycle insurance is $702 in the USA. Below, I present a table that will clear you the average cost of all 50 states’ motorcycle insurance in 2022:

State NameAverage Monthly Premium Of A Motorcycle InsuranceAverage Annual Premium Of A Motorcycle Insurance
New Hampshire$50$601
New Jersey$51$610
New Mexico$63$752
New York$81$969
North Carolina$64$763
North Dakota$32$382
Rhode Island$74$889
South Carolina$65$781
South Dakota$39$472
West Virginia$54$653

I hope my table gives a better understanding of the cost of motorcycle insurance in 2022. It will be very helpful for all the 50 states’ motorcycle riders when they go to purchase an insurance premium.

Last Few Words:

Good things will never happen on the roads or highways if you don’t have motorcycle insurance during riding. I have already briefly discussed what happens in those circumstances. In this article, I have also discussed all 50 states’ average cost of motorcycle insurance. These needful information give you a numerical idea about the cost of it.

You can let me know what you are thinking about the average cost of motorcycle insurance in your state. Is it too much? Feel free to ask if you’ve any questions that relate to the motorcycle.

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