What Should You Not Do When Riding A Motorcycle?

What Should You Not Do When Riding A Motorcycle

Motorcycle accidents are rising excessively at the present time, right? Many reasons are liable behind motorcycle accidents. Beginner and less skillful riders often face accidents when riding on a motorcycle.

I have over 15 years of experience in riding motorcycles. I ride many brands’ motorcycles on different trails. Every motorcycle ride is full of unique challenges and risks. Even a silly error can cause a huge loss to your life when riding a motorcycle. 

This long experience has taught me how to ride a motorcycle safely; therefore, all the riders should follow proper guidelines while going riding to avoid unexpected happenings. From my experience, here I point out and discuss briefly such 12  common things that you should not do when riding a motorcycle.

12 Things You Should  Not Do When Riding A Motorcycle:

1. Don’t Be Careless With Your Motorcycle:

When you start your riding, make sure that you have complete care of every second. Don’t break your concentration just for a second because it can be ruinous. Always remember that careless motorcycle riding can cause injuries, losses, or even death. So, be careful while riding your motorcycle on both off-roads and on-roads.

2. Don’t Be Overexcited:

When you are on the roads, try to keep yourself calm. Never be overexcited, and don’t try to ride beyond your limits. At first, you should identify your limitations and adjust with them. If your motorcycle cannot run at high speed, admit it and ride according to its speed capacity. Don’t compete with a high-speed vehicle by the limited speed of your motorcycle.

3. Don’t Underestimate Yourself:

When you are on the road, try to ride with full confidence. Keep yourself full focused and be comfortable to cope with every condition. Always keep faith in yourself because, without confidence, it’s difficult to ride your motorcycle on the roads. So, never underestimate yourself in any situations when riding your motorcycle.

4. Don’t Take Any Drugs When Riding:

Some of you may think it’s OK to ride a motorcycle after little drinking or taking other drugs. I strongly recommend you never do that. Drugs can highly affect the concentration level of a rider and increase the risk of accidents when riding a motorcycle. You will also be punished if you are caught by the police when riding your motorcycle after drinking or taking any drugs. 

5. Don’t Lose Your Eyesight When Riding:

You may see many things such as a nice car, a celebrity, or your crush when riding your motorcycle on the road. But don’t lose your eye-sight by giving concentration on these things. 

If you give attention to your crush when riding your motorcycle, you will indeed crash on the roads. So, keep your full concentration till to finish your riding.

6. Don’t Compete With Others:

Never compete with other vehicles on the roads. If someone crosses your motorcycle from behind, don’t try to chase them. Some riders take it personally as an insult and begin riding at over speed. This type of illegal and unethical competition on the roads and highways is one of the major factors for causing accidents. 

It is also strictly forbidden by the laws. If someone crosses your motorcycle from behind and tries to tease you with that, just give a gentle smile by looking at them and let it go.     

7. Don’t Be Panic When Pass-through A Busy Corner:

Most motorcycle accidents occur in busy corners of the roads because riders become panic there. As a rider, you should be extra careful to cross the corner of a street. 

Keep complete control of your riding speed. It is ideal for slowing down your motorcycle speed when you cross a corner of the road.

8. Don’t Try To Do Anything Out Of The Box:

Sometimes motorcycle riders become over-ambitious and do out-of-the-box things when riding their motorcycle on the roads. They start a competition with other riders and perform daring skills. Though showing this type of dangerous skills on public roads is legally forbidden. 

Always ride according to your skill and never try to do such things that you are not good at. So, don’t try to do any illegal things on the roads if you do, you will be arrested and punished by the laws.

9. Don’t Take Turns Without Indicating:

Many riders don’t think that it’s necessary to indicate while taking turns on the road. It is not a good idea at all. You should always show an indicator when takes turn or switching lanes by your motorcycle. I suggest you do that on both busy and empty roads and never forget to off your turns signals.

10. Don’t Look At The Speedometer Repeatedly:

Some motorcycle riders love to check the speedometer repeatedly. But from my experience, I recommend you don’t do that because it can make you overexcited. And that pushes you to increase the speed of your motorcycle. This overexciting attitude can occur dangerous accidents. So if you have this habit, please quit it.

11. Don’t Talk Over The Mobile When Riding:

Many riders continue speaking on the mobile when riding their motorcycles. It is one of the worst habits you must leave it. Talking over the mobile during riding can cause serious motorcycle accidents. So, never do that. If you get any mobile call when riding your motorcycle, just cut it or stop your motorcycle for receiving the call.

12. Don’t Be Afraid:

You may face different types of situations when riding your motorcycle on the road. But you can’t be afraid to deal with any type of unexpected troubles. If you are badly stuck between two big vehicles, never be scared. 

Keep your calmness and concentration to bring out your motorcycle from this situation. Remember that you will surely be in danger once you are scared on the road when riding a motorcycle.

Life is the most precious thing in the world. But unfortunately, many people lose it by occurring motorcycle accidents. Some are also injured very fatally and be paralyzed for the rest of his/their life. During riding, I always keep in mind that I have a family, and they feel for me. 

As an experienced motorcycle rider and a well-wisher, I request you to avoid these above-described 12 points when riding a motorcycle. You can also add few more points with my given 12 guidelines in the comment box below. Please write a proper explanation about why you think that. 

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