Who Sells Motorcycle Insurance? [Complete Guideline]

Who Sells Motorcycle Insurance

Motorbike insurance allows motorcyclists to travel freely. They offer so much coverage that you will definitely love to have one. Interested to know who sells motorcycle insurance?

There are so many companies that sell motorcycle insurance. Progressive, Geico, State Farm, and Nationwide are quite popular among motorcyclists as they cover more features and are maintaining a good service in the market for a long time.

To find quality service, you need to pick insurance that offers common coverages such as bodily injury, damage injury, and others. Continue reading this article to check out more about the best motorcycle insurance provider.

4 Best Companies Who Sell Motorcycle Insurance: Check Now

There are so many motorcycle insurance providers that it’s quite tough to find quality service. To help you out, here are four top companies that sell motorcycle insurance and also offer features that you’ll definitely look for. 

1. Progressive Motorcycle Insurance

Among the motorcycle insurance providers, Progressive will be among the best for sure. This company was founded in 1937 and now becomes a top choice because of its tremendous service to its consumers. Here is more about Progressive motorcycle insurance.

  • Full Replacement Cost

There are a couple of benefits you will enjoy by availing of Progressive motorcycle insurance. If your bike gets damaged and a new one costs around $300, you’ll get a full $300 refund for a new bike from Progressive.

  • OEM Parts

For any repair service under Progressive, you’ll always get Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts in your bike. Don’t worry if you have custom parts in the bike. For custom parts, they will replace them with custom parts in repairs.

  • No Worries about any Damage

If your bike is damaged or in collisions with another bike, don’t worry. Progressive will pay if a rider who doesn’t have insurance hits you. You will be covered even if your bike is damaged in a fire or collision with an animal.

  • Roadside Assistance

This one is quite helpful for long-drive riders. Progressive provides roadside assistance anywhere in the USA and Canada. They will help you to reach the nearest repair shop for free.

2. Nationwide  Motorcycle Insurance

Nationwide also sells motorcycle insurance that covers the basic insurance needs of a rider. They include basic and optional coverages for motorcycle insurance. Here are more details about Nationwide motorcycle insurance.

  • Body & Property Liability

Nationwide motorcycle insurance covers any damage to the rider and the property as well. That means if you’re injured in a bike accident the insurance covers the medical bills and the loss of income.

  • Collision Coverage

You don’t need to worry about the collision damage that may happen in a bike accident. The collision coverage of Nationwide insurance will be helpful if the vehicle is financed or leased. 

  • Uninsured Motorcycle Coverage

If your vehicle is damaged by any bike that is not under any insurance, you will get coverage from Nationwide Insurance. This coverage will get you rid of any loss in a hit-and-run accident.

  • Custom Equipment

Nationwide Bike insurance also covers custom equipment. So, if there is any damage to the custom or aftermarket equipment of your motorcycle, there will be coverage of the required amount.

3. Geico Motorcycle Insurance

For any kind of bike, you may avail of the Geico motorcycle insurance coverage. They even offer insurance coverage for custom bikes as well. Know more about Geico motorcycle insurance below.

  • Accessories Coverage

Geico motorcycle insurance also covers protection for your accessories. There will be collision coverage for accessories. You may avail of additional coverage for other parts as well.

  • Injury Liability

You will get coverage for any injury under the insurance. In addition, there is also bodily liability coverage from Geico. If you injure or kill someone while operating your bike, Geico will help you with legal defense with other protection.

  • Medical Coverage

This is undoubtedly one of the best features of a motorcycle insurance provider. You will get medical coverage from Geico. So, don’t worry about the medical payments. 

  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Don’t be concerned if your motorcycle collides with someone who does not have motorcycle insurance. Geico will cover injuries caused by an uninsured rider.

4. State Farm  Motorcycle Insurance

To get personalized service or insurance. StateFarm will be a good choice for sure. They offer insurance for different types of motorcycles and also offer required features. Here are a few.

  • Roadside Assistance

State Farm motorcycle insurance offers 24/7 roadside assistance coverage in specific regions. So, there will be no problem with your bike on the road. With the insurance, you can roam anywhere anytime.

  • Reliable Service

There are more than 19,000 agents of State Farm nationwide. If you need any motorcycle service, there are auto repair shops offered by State Farm. That means your bike is always covered with State Farm insurance. 

  • Damage Coverage

You can always claim repair for any kind of damage to the motorcycle. State Farm motorcycle insurance covers theft, fire, or vandalism losses. Any damage to your motorcycle caused by an accident will be covered under the insurance. 

  • Injury Coverage

This one is a must coverage a rider will look for in motorcycle insurance. There will be coverage if you are injured legally by someone legally responsible for the accident or by someone who doesn’t have any motorcycle insurance. 

Comparison Of The Companies Who Sell Motorcycle Insurance

CoveragesProgressiveNationwideGeicoState Farm
Bodily InjuryYesYesYesYes
Damage YesYesYesYes
Medical CoverageYesYesYesYes
Roadside Assistance CoverageYesNoYesYes
Guest Passenger Liability CoverageNoYesNoYes
Financial Strength RatingA+A+A++A++


How Do You Claim Motorcycle Insurance?

If your motorcycle is under insurance and you need to claim it, you should follow the claiming process. First, gather all the documents for what you are interested in. Whether it’s an accident or the bike is stolen

Gather as much information as possible such as the location, images, contact information, etc. Now, contact the insurance provider and report the issue. They will guide you with further procedures.

How Much Does It Cost To Insure A Motorcycle?

There is no fixed cost for motorcycle insurance. The cost usually depends on the features or coverages you’re enjoying with the insurance. Normally motorcycle insurance will cost you from $70 to $2000 per year

The cost also varies for different motorcycle types. Standard, sporting, and touring bikes have individual insurance packages by the providers. You will find more about the cost on the insurance provider’s website.

Does Insurance Cover Bike Damage?

Most motorcycle insurance companies cover bike damage. They will pay you for damage whether it’s the original parts or custom-made parts of the bike. You need to ensure coverage while registering for insurance.  

Some insurance providers also offer coverage for bike damage in extreme weather and even for any damage by animals. So, make sure you are availing of such features while enrolling in any insurance for your bike. 

Is Motorcycle Insurance Money Refundable?

Well, this depends on the insurance provider. The insurance money can only be refundable if you cancel the insurance before it ends. While availing of any insurance for your bike make sure you read the refunds section of the form carefully.

The insurance money can also be refunded if you decide to cancel the insurance by paying the money in advance. The insurance provider may also offer you a refund of the unused portion of the insurance.

Final Words

As a motorcycle rider, you should be aware of who sells motorcycle insurance and what coverages they offer. This will help you to pick the best one. Before choosing one, make sure you know the coverages of the company to ensure you will get the basic coverages at least. This will save you from further troubles.


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