Will A Bad Battery Cause A Misfire On A Motorcycle?

Will A Bad Battery Cause A Misfire On A Motorcycle

As a rider, it is not a satisfactory issue for you at all. A worn-out or flat battery may cause this problem. In this case, the question often arises- will a bad battery cause a misfire on a motorcycle?

A bad battery can cause continuous misfiring when the motorcycle has low revs. Most motorcycles are also very prone to misfire when the rider leaves them idling for too long. It also got misfired due to the opening of certain injectors, lean fuel pumps, etc.

However, to know more about this issue and get rid of this problem, read this article from top to bottom. 

5 Symptoms To Recognize Your Battery Is Running Out Completely:

You can notice some specific symptoms which will let you recognize that your battery has run out thoroughly.

1. Defectiveness:  

Before checking out the battery with any multimeter, take a look if it’s ok or not. Most often a bad or damaged battery will seem to be defective and deformed. You may notice that the battery becomes damaged, and gets worse due to discoloration. It’s a primary concern that your battery is going to run out completely.

2. Discharge Of Lead Acid:

One of the common symptoms of a malfunctioning battery is its built-up sulfation. Motorcycle batteries are usually made with lithium ions which may get worse and continuously discharge the lead acid. For this reason, this acid will stick to the lead plates of the battery. This particularly affects your bike battery.

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3. Motorcycle Didn’t Start Properly:

Internally, you may face trouble starting the motorcycle properly. It is a familiar issue that may not be fixed until you exchange the old one for a new one. Your motorcycle may take a few attempts to get started properly. On the other hand, it may stop moving in the middle of the riding and leave you stranded.

4. Receding Horn, Abate Headlights:

One of the major issues of a bad battery is that your motorcycle horn volume is sounding low. You might also notice that the headlights become damming. Since all of those parts are interlinked with your battery, the continuous running out of your battery also impacts them too.

5. Abnormal Reading Of Multimeter:

If your motorcycle battery is going to be dead totally, you may find an abnormal reading of the multimeter. The easiest way is to trace the issue quickly to check if the battery power voltage is less than 12V or not. It is a decisive sign of the worst battery. 

Reasons For Bad Battery Misfiring On A Motorcycle:

Your motorcycle may make constant misfires because of the damaged battery. The battery may get worse for many reasons. It is hard to know for what reason your battery will be damaged. Here I found some reasons behind this:

  • Fuel Pump Leakage:

As the fuel pump is interlinked with the motorbike battery, it may get damaged by the impacts of faulty carbs. Your motorcycle may make a misfire due to an inappropriate bike air/fuel ratio

  • Bad Ignition Coil:

A bad ignition coil is not only a problem for your motorbike, but also makes a facile way of misfiring. Bad ignition means your motorbike coil won’t spark hard enough to hit the plug. Besides, a bad ignition coil didn’t provide enough protection to trigger that misfire.

  • Damaged Spark plugs:

The constant misfiring of the motorcycle can be the cause of bad or damaged spark plugs. You can be sure about these concerns by doing a few physical tests of your bike spark plugs. If it gets damaged, you may find burn marks, broken tips, corrosion, or rust inside the plugs.

How To Fix The Bad Battery Issues of a Misfiring Motorcycle: 5 DIY Steps

You can take proper steps to fix the lousy battery of a misfiring motorcycle. But you must have acknowledged the basics. To troubleshoot the problem, follow the below steps:

Step-1: Check If Your Battery Is Working Well 

To troubleshoot the problem, you need to check whether your battery is working well or not. Take a multimeter machine to check the voltage power of the battery. First, try to consider what power sources you’ll have. There you find two distinct power sources. 

One is negative power sources(black), and another is positive (red). Now connect the positive one to the red socket and the black one to the negative socket. However, try to read the meter and the measurement that it gives you.

Step-2: Test The Meter Reader

Once you get the measurement, match the meter reader that is included in the manufacturer’s manual. Just tick a pick if it is workable or not. If your battery isn’t working, exchange it for a new one. 

If you don’t feel any trouble with the battery, the problem might occur from the faulty carburetor. Your bike usually gets stuck halfway through the trip because of a faulty carburetor. So check the carburetor too.

Step-3: Check The Spark Plug 

If you find that your battery isn’t a big problem, check the spark plug. Open up the motorcycle deck and check the spark plug. Ensure that it works better and runs suitably.

If it is not run correctly, try to correct it by putting off all the manipulations. Then connect all of these parts and finalize the step by giving two to three trials with your motorcycle.

Step-4: Reset The Injection

In most cases, it will be fixed literally. So try to reset the injection; I hope it will probably solve the problems. Here’s how you can proceed. First, start your motorcycle and keep it stay and make the cracking sound for a while

Wait 13 minutes without touching anything. For any kind of emergency, use your smartphone to maneuver the bike. It will fix the issues as soon as you finish doing this task.

Step-5: Clean The Carburetor & Adjust The Idling Systems 

If the fourth one didn’t work for you, try to clean the carburetor. Check the auto manual sets and make sure that there is no fuel leakage. If so, then it will be the cause of your bike misfiring. 

On the other hand, you must ensure that your motorcycle is free from the air intake. Check that the chain onto the secondary transmission is not brisk.

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Can A Battery Assign Random Misfires? 

A battery can cause a random misfire for the slower processing of the fuel pump. It’s a random problem that may influence your motorbike to run swiftly. Random misfires also became a more significant problem for lean fuel. 

Another reason for the constant misfiring of your bike battery is that it is misused or worn out. Check the cable wire and put it back. Also, don’t forget to check out the improper opening of specific injectors. If you want to know details about the conversion carburetor to fuel injector on a motorcycle, Click Here.

What Will Bad Battery Do To Your Motorcycle? 

A damaged battery will cause your motorcycle to misfire randomly and impact some other parts. For the reason of a bad battery, you will face some particular problems like built-up sulfation, a deformed battery, and many more. 

Another problem with the worst battery is that the motorcycle will not get started properly. Again, it may jam and most probably produce unnecessary sounds. You will also notice the receding horn volume and dimming headlights. Irregular readings on the meter are the major problem of this issue. 

Can Bad Battery Cause an Ignition Problem? 

A malfunctioning battery may damage the bike’s ignition key. Your ignition key might be damaged by the impact of a low voltage battery. It also spread a tendency of misfires. A user might get electrically shocked at the rest of the problem.

Some users also claimed that they wouldn’t open up the injectors generally for this. So try your best to recover these issues either by yourself or with the help of someone else who is an expert on this.

Can Your Bad Battery Cause A Flashing Check Engine Light? 

A weak battery will cause a flashing check engine light. There is a different reason for this problem. Your bad battery will prevent the vehicle’s ECU from getting enough energy, as well as deteriorating. On the contrary, there is a smaller amount of carburetor charging, which may start to work slowly. 

For this reason, your bad battery will cause a flashing check engine light. It will be responsible for flipping on the engine headlight. So try your best to fix the issue by changing the bike headlights.

How Do You Diagnose A Motorcycle’s Misfire? 

You can quickly diagnose the motorcycle’s misfiring issues by inspecting the spark plug. Check them with the screwdriver to ensure that their electrical flow is normal. Confirm that your motorcycle is running very rapidly, and you will not feel any kind of issue furthermore. Also, check the engine deck and let the bike run on its own for a while.

Another thing you can do to measure the battery meter, fuel efficiency, and the running speed of your bike. As both of these parts are interlinked with each other, you will find some trouble there. So either you should consult an expert or troubleshoot them yourself.

Will A Motorcycle Run With A Dead Battery?

A bad fuel filter is the leading cause of the damaged engine of any vehicle. Nevertheless, it may retain your motorcycle from running correctly. But if the bike battery is spoiled and doesn’t give back up, you can still drive and run your motorcycle with this.

A malfunctioning battery will not impact your bike carburetor to act or perform inappropriately. Yet you should not show inertness to fix the issues. Ultimately give a trial whether it still gives you the same feedback or not.

Final Thought: 

If you are still confused about whether a bad battery causes a misfire on a motorcycle, you might do a minimal test to match the symptoms of the worst battery. Somewhere, you may notice that the motorcycle light may be flashing. You also notice that the headlight is getting worse, and the engine will make awkward sounds.

By the way, if you’re failing to diagnose a problem on your own, take help from an expert. Ultimately, there is no alternate way instead of changing the damaged battery to prevent misfire.

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